How the Word “Almost” Made Me Over $200,000 in Royalties

The Incredible Persuasive Power of the Word “Almost”

If you desire to become a high-level persuader, then you must look deeply into the highest-level persuasive words.

 One word that has proven to be highly effective in this realm is “almost.”

While it may seem counterintuitive to use a word that suggests something is not quite complete, the curious nature of “almost” can actually be more convincing than an absolute statement.

The reasons are simple:

  1. Realistic expectations: When we hear an absolute statement, we may be skeptical or feel like the claim is too good to be true. But when we hear “almost,” we understand that there may be limitations or exceptions, which makes the claim more believable.
  2. Humility: Using “almost” can come across as more humble and honest than making an absolute claim. It acknowledges that there may be room for improvement or exceptions.
  3. Curiosity: The word “almost” can pique our curiosity and make us want to learn more. It suggests that there may be a solution or an answer, but we need to keep reading to find out.
  4. Specificity: “Almost” can add a level of specificity to a claim. For example, if a product claims to be “almost” perfect, it suggests that there are specific areas where it excels, which can be more convincing than a generic claim of perfection.
  5. Relatability: Using “almost” can make a claim more relatable to the reader. It suggests that the product or service is not just for the select few who can afford absolute perfection but for the average person who is looking for something that is almost perfect.

One famous example of this comes from the copywriting legend John Caples.

In one of his ads, he changed the headline from “Fix Any Car” to “Fix Almost Any Car,” and the sales shot up. The reason it worked was simple: it added a level of believability and relatability that an absolute statement may not achieve.

How the Word “Almost” Made Me Over $200,000 in Royalties

This brings me to one of my greatest examples of this word’s persuasive power and a control package landing page that was a control for over five years. 

It was called “The Almost Perfect Stock,” a highly successful email/landing page promotion that has used the power of “almost” to its advantage. 

The secret to its success is in the reason why it was “almost” perfect. 

Again, instead of making a generic claim of perfection, the promotion explains that the stock is “almost” perfect because it has a few small imperfections that make it more affordable and accessible to the average investor. 

You see, the stock’s imperfections were so small and believable that even as I changed the stock over the years, readers continued to do a swan dive to the order form year after year after year.

Here was the best part: 

The imperfection WAS a benefit that every investor in the world wanted to get their hands on this “Almost Perfect Stock.” Of course, just knowing the power of Almost is one thing. Knowing how to execute on this is another.

This is why I recorded a complete video breakdown of the million-dollar email/landing page so that you, too, can use the same framework in your copywriting efforts. 

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Doug D'Anna

As a seasoned direct response copywriter, Doug D'Anna has created more than 100 widely-mailed control packages for the world's largest specialized information publishers—generating over $100 million in direct sales.