If you’d like to learn the incredibly simple formulas behind my copywriting success, I invite you to view my classic video: Breakthrough Copywriting.

Here’s a sneak preview:

Breakthrough Copywriting

If you have always wondered how major consumer publishers like InvestorPlace, Forbes, Boardroom, Lombardi Publishing, Agora, Eagle Financial Publications, and Prevention Health Books continually create breakthrough direct response packages, this is classic B-to-C video that you won’t want to miss. Doug D’Anna, who has created more than 100 control packages for the world’s largest specialized information publishers, will reveal the simple yet scientifically proven formula he has used for more than 30 years that has resulted in numerous record-breaking direct mail and email promotions. You’ll discover…
In addition, Doug will share with you his simple “what do they want?” approach to identifying compelling themes, along with how to write in a way that solves your readers’ problems. Plus, you’ll learn how copywriters, creative directors, and marketing managers can partner to gain an overwhelming advantage over their competition. All in about 60 minutes–using the same techniques that have helped me become one of the highest-paid copywriters in the U.S. today. In all, you’ll learn the techniques that he used to create man of the most successful direct mail packages in InvestorPlace’ history, including:
Perhaps the biggest idea you will find in Breakthrough Copywriting is that creating great copy doesn’t have to be complicated. That was my ultimate goal: To create a mini course on breakthrough copywriting that someone could absorb in hours and make it work the same day. By the comments I’ve received, I’ve done just that. “I wish I had had this when I started writing copy. I would have bypassed years of trial and error.”

“I wish I had had this when I started writing copy. I would have bypassed years of trial and error.”

“I learned enough new things to make this offer well worth the investment. Hearing a couple of the more advanced topics explained out loud in the author's own words, versus slogging through a book or training manual, was extremely helpful.”

“I paid $2,500 for a big financial publisher's copywriting course... and got far more from these timeless lessons. It's like a complete copy course in a single video.”

That’s what makes Breakthrough Copywriting different–and, perhaps, better than any online course you could take. That’s because there’s…
You will learn, just like in an old-school college class, from watching and taking your own notes. But unlike a college lecture you hear just once, you will have the video that you can watch over and over, so that you can continue to mine the video for every nugget of information that you can. That’s how I learn and is, in my opinion, the best way I can ingrain my methods in your mind–and is far better than presenting it in a PDF. Once you watch it, I’m sure you’ll agree.
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