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Let me introduce myself.

I’m Doug D’Anna. Chances are, you’ve never heard my name.

After all, I keep a very low profile and my name isn’t plastered all over the internet. I’m not hyping a copywriting course or any kind of “secrets” boot camp. And yet, I’ve generated over $100 million dollars for America’s top publishing companies. But if by chance you have heard of me, it’s only for three reasons:

  1. Because the legendary copywriter, Gary Bencivenga, referred to me as “the Superstar Copywriter,” and “one of my ablest competitors over the years,” in his highly successful Bencivenga 100 course promotion,

  2. You heard my interviews with Ken McCarthy for his The System Club members, with Bob Bly and AWAI for their Selling Yourself as a Copywriter series, with Clayton Makepeace for his Easy Writers Club Roadhouse Rants or with Eddie Shleyner for his Micro-Interview Series or you have seen my posts on Linkedin or …

  3. Because you’re already doing work for Agora, Boardroom, InvestorPlace,  Money Map Press, Weiss Research or other major mailers, and we’ve battled it out in the real world of copywriting.

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When you join my A-list, you can rest easy knowing that I’ll never sell or rent your e-mail address. Your private information will remain private.

If we’ve gone head-to-head in the Superbowl of sales writing, then you know as well as I do that…

The best copywriters and marketers in the world aren’t teaching any courses!

The reason is two-fold: (1) They’re too busy working to teach, and (2) they would never teach you their advanced secrets because they would not want them to be used against them by guys like me.

I speak, for example, of …

  • PB, who has an exclusive with one major publishing company because his copy has generated millions of dollars via direct mail and e-mail

  • JR, whose explosive packages are so legendary that they’re in the swipe files of thousands of copywriters

  • JP, who has practically put the largest health publisher in the world on the map—generating millions of dollars along the way.

And that’s why I’ve created my own A-list…

…to bring innovative business builders like you, the real, NO BS, wealth creating copywriting knowledge and marketing strategies you’ve been looking for.

Specifically, the knowledge to create more powerful, effective, and lucrative advertisements, emails, and web pages that could multiply your income as much as 25 times—and without spending a dime.

My Motive is Honest and Sincere

  1. To prevent up-and-coming copywriters, business owners, entrepreneurs, and web geniuses like yourself from throwing your money away on garbage copywriting courses.  Frankly, the course content I see out there looks like it has been written by someone who just graduated from a copywriting course and has never actually written anything, and ,
  3. More importantly, to share with you my time-proven secrets that can help you create more powerful and effective direct response mailings, emails, and web pages.


I don’t mention this to boast, but I’m one of a handful of A-list copywriters to whom the world’s top publishers and information marketers turn to sell their products.

As a seasoned direct response copywriter, I have created more than 100 widely-mailed control packages for the world’s largest specialized information publishers—generating over $100 million in direct sales.


  • Agora
  • Aftershock Report
  • Asia Edge
  • Blue Chip Growth
  • Cabot Dividend Investor
  • Cabot Growth Investor
  • Cabot Options Trader
  • Cabot Small Cap Confidential
  • Cabot Stock of the Week
  • Cabot Top Ten Trader
  • Cabot Marijuana Investor
  • Cash Machine
  • Charles Payne's Smart Investing
  • China Strategy
  • Emerging Growth
  • Forbes Dividend Investor
  • Forbes Gilder Technology Report
  • Forbes Nanotech Report
  • Forbes Oberweis Report
  • Forbes Wireless Outlook
  • Forecasts and Strategies
  • Global Growth
  • Street Authority
    • Tech Investing
    • The Complete Investor
    • Trader’s Advantage
    • 24-Hour Cash Flow Miracle
    • The Ultimate License to Print Money
    • Utility Forecaster
    • Wall Street’s Best Dividend Stocks
    • Wall Street’s Best Investments
    • Health & Healing
    • High Profit Stocks
    • High Yield Investing
    • Hilary Kramer's Absolute Capital Return
    • Hilary Kramer's Game Changers
    • Hilary Kramer's Value Authority
    • Hilary Kramer's 2-Day Trader
    • Hume Money Files
    • Investor Alert
    • Investors’ World
    • Matt McCall's Investment Opportunities
    • Money Map Press
    • Natural Prescriptions for Women
    • New Mineral Cures
    • New Science of Getting What You Want
    • Next Generation of Natural Cures
    • Personal Finance
    • Platinum Growth
    • Prevention Health Books
    • Private Stock Briefing
    • Profitable Investing
    • Quantum Growth
    • Quantum Wealth System
    • Real Wealth Report
    • Recurring Riches 
    • Retirement Letter
    • Scarcity & Real Wealth
    • Secret Vitamin Cures That Work
    • Smart Money with the Dolans

    And with all my successes, I would never, ever be so pompous or arrogant as to say that “I’m the best,” and I would never believe anyone else who says that either. But I am in the inner circle of A-list marketers, and my copy has generated more than $100 million dollars.

    I’d like to see your business bring in the same kind income.

    Not overnight, mind you…

    …but over time.

    So let me ask you a few questions:

    Are you tired of blue-sky hype courses?

    Are you fed up with fraudulent copywriting “gurus”?

    Would you finally like to learn how you can multiply the effectiveness of your Internet, direct mail, and email promotions.

    If so, then I’d like to invite you to join my A-List for entrepreneurs, web guys, and business owners who really want to optimize their marketing efforts and supercharge the copywriting efforts, but don’t know how.

    Best of all, you don’t have to buy anything. You can join my A-List 100% free of charge. Plus you can be sure that I’m not going to send you a ton of sales pitches, either.

    What I am going to do is share with you some of my time-tested copywriting strategies that generated more than $100 million, along with real-world copywriting insights that will help you take your craft to the next level. FREE.

    Why Am I Doing This?

    As you will discover when you’ve enjoyed the success that I have, you will feel a compelling need to give back. Don’t get me wrong, if there’s one thing I love more than writing sales copy, it’s making money from it!

    But my next goal isn’t to get another big control with the top publishers. I’ve already done that. The royalties I earn now are more than enough to fund my lifestyle.

    The truth is that I’ve come to a point in my life where I want to make my mark—to not only help build more business but also help more business owners achieve the kind of success, freedom, and wealth that I’ve enjoyed for the past 20 years.

    Of course, I’m not simply talking about just enjoying the financial rewards of a owning your own multi-million dollar business.

    When you join my A-List, my ultimate goal is to see you get whatever you want in life, with the positive attitude and belief in yourself that will make you simply unstoppable in the pursuit of your dreams.

    Toward this end, I will teach you the REAL copywriting, marketing, and business-building strategies that will help you…

    Specifically, I will teach you the kind of advanced direct marketing knowledge that the pretenders don’t know and certainly couldn’t teach.

    I Promise That I’ll Never Teach You Any “Tricks” of the Trade


    Three reasons:

    1. Tricks are for dogs, show animals, and “cash sucking” copywriters…
    2. They don’t work, and…
    3. The A-list never uses them!

    When you join my group, I promise to teach you the kind of REAL, persuasive copywriting knowledge that will result in thousands—if not—millions of dollars of additional sales.

    And in the end, isn’t what you’re looking for from your marketing efforts?

    For these reasons, as a member of my Group I’ll take you deep inside the minds of the greatest persuaders, copywriters, and salespeople on earth. I’ll teach you not only what moves people, but also how to move them to buy from you—no matter what you’re selling.

    All in plain English using modern-day examples from my collection of winning direct mail and email control packages.

    So you’ll learn not only the timeless and priceless persuasive techniques of the world’s greatest copywriters, but also how to apply them directly to your product or service.

    For example…

    Best of All, You Can Join My A List FREE

    Why free?

    To knock the wind out of those who would want to lead you down the wrong path. And that’s my point.

    In a way, I feel obligated to give you this information.

    You see, if I were to charge you for some hocus pocus course, then I would be no different than everyone else out there. And I’m very different. Your success is Numero Uno with me. I just want to see you succeed.

    Just enter your name in the box below and you’ll go directly to my sign-up page. To thank you for joining my group, I’m going to share with you my most powerful discovery via email… one that no c-list wannabe is teaching now.

    Unless you’ve sat through four years of college-level rhetoric, chances are you’ve probably never heard about it. Yet politicians, advertisers, and master salesmen have used this powerful persuasive technique to influence others since nearly the beginning of time.

    As you’ll see, your first idea—and the cornerstone of my copywriting strategy—will lay the foundation for every secret and discovery that I’ll bring you in the months ahead.

    Mark my words, the moment you make it the cornerstone of your sales efforts your next direct mail package, email, or web page could easily become your best ever.

    Then as I post new ideas that will multiply your sales, I’ll alert you via e-mail so that you can quickly add them to your marketing efforts.

    Just enter your name below and I’ll send your first A-list idea to you right away via email.

    Join Today And Get My Special Report 7 Proven Profit Triggers for Email Copywriters FREE

    When you join my A-list, you can rest easy knowing that I’ll never sell or rent your e-mail address. Your private information will remain private.

    All good wishes,

    Doug D’Anna

    P.S. When you join my A-list group, you can rest easy knowing that I’ll never sell or rent your e-mail address. Your private information will remain just that—private. You have my word.