Doug D’Anna is an internationally respected copywriter with a remarkable track record of success.

His copywriting has generated over $100 million in sales for companies around the world, cementing his place as one of the most successful copywriters in the industry.

Doug takes great pride in helping others to become better at their craft, and to that end, he now coaches and copy-chiefs people across all industries to write more persuasive copy. Doug’s focus on teaching people how to write persuasively through his Million-Dollar Copywriting Formula coaching program has produced impressive results for his students.

Doug’s expertise goes beyond just writing powerful and effective copy; he is also well-versed in marketing strategies and tactics, giving him a comprehensive understanding of how best to sell products and services through words.

From crafting email campaigns to creating direct response advertisements or website content, Doug can help you reach your target audience effectively.

Throughout his career, Doug has worked with some of the biggest names in the publishing industry, including Forbes, Prevention Health Books, Boardroom, InvestorPlace, Agora, Boardroom, Eagle Financial Publications, Cabot Wealth, Weiss Research, Men’s Health, Lombardi Publishing and many many others.   

As one of today’s top copywriters, Doug carries himself with poise and professionalism on every project regardless of size or scope–a trait that sets him apart from other writers in the field. His dedication to delivering outstanding results while staying within budget continues to earn him high praise from executives everywhere who want nothing more than quality work done right every time. 

Doug D’Anna is a true master of persuasion—one who knows how to create compelling narratives that connect people emotionally while selling products at the same time. Make sure you take advantage of what this top copywriter can do for your business!

Here’s a list of his major clients over the past 30 years.

  • Agora
  • Aftershock Report
  • Asia Edge
  • Blue Chip Growth
  • Cabot Dividend Investor
  • Cabot Growth Investor
  • Cabot Options Trader
  • Cabot Small Cap Confidential
  • Cabot Stock of the Week
  • Cabot Top Ten Trader
  • Cabot Marijuana Investor
  • Cash Machine
  • Charles Payne’s Smart Investing
  • China Strategy
  • Emerging Growth
  • Forbes Dividend Investor
  • Forbes Gilder Technology Report
  • Forbes Nanotech Report
  • Forbes Oberweis Report
  • Forbes Wireless Outlook
  • Forecasts and Strategies
  • Global Growth
  • Street Authority
  • Tech Investing
  • The Complete Investor
  • Trader’s Advantage
  • 24-Hour Cash Flow Miracle
  • The Ultimate License to Print Money
  • Utility Forecaster
  • Wall Street’s Best Dividend Stocks
  • Wall Street’s Best Investments
  • Health & Healing
  • High Profit Stocks
  • High Yield Investing
  • Hilary Kramer’s Absolute Capital Return
  • Hilary Kramer’s Game Changers
  • Hilary Kramer’s Value Authority
  • Hilary Kramer’s 2-Day Trader
  • Hume Money Files
  • Investor Alert
  • Investors’ World
  • Matt McCall’s Investment Opportunities
  • Money Map Press
  • Natural Prescriptions for Women
  • New Mineral Cures
  • New Science of Getting What You Want
  • Next Generation of Natural Cures
  • Personal Finance
  • Platinum Growth
  • Prevention Health Books
  • Private Stock Briefing
  • Profitable Investing
  • Quantum Growth
  • Quantum Wealth System
  • Real Wealth Report
  • Recurring Riches 
  • Retirement Letter
  • Scarcity & Real Wealth
  • Secret Vitamin Cures That Work
  • Smart Money with the Dolans
    • He can use this experience to draw upon to help you build your business both in direct mail and online.

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