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Time for a copywriting critique? How to tell…

Let me see if I have this right.

You’re frustrated.

You’re really frustrated

You’ve been laboring over your copy for some time…  

You’ve rewritten it over and over… 

You’ve read it to your wife, friends, kids, dog, and to anyone who will listen.

AND you are still not sure if your copy is any damn good. 

Or maybe…

You’ve tested it over and over and it’s not converting.

Is it the headline?

Is it the angle?

Is it the close?

Is it the offer?  

You’re not sure what to do next.

Bang your head into a brick wall?

Start over?

HIre another copywriter?

More than anything, you’d like to get an HONEST OPINION. 

From someone who will tell you the unvarnished truth–even if it’s “This shit is no good.”

(But you’re really hoping to hear “WOW–This is great stuff.”)

You just want a second opinion from someone who really knows what they are talking about.

To be sure, there are a million “copywriters” on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn that would gladly look at your copy for a lot less than I charge.  

Some are great, some are not so great, few have my experience:  

  • 30+ years in the Superbowl of copywriting competing against the likes of Gary Bencivenga, Clayton Makepeace, Jim Rutz, and Eugene Schwartz–beating the control 70% of the time.
  • Generated over $100 million in subscription revenues and 
  • Wrote every kind of direct-response advertisement on the planet: sales letters, direct mail packages, magalogs, landing pages, VSLs, and webinars

If that’s the kind of experience you desire, then my copy critique could give you a road map to rebuilding what you have, giving you a new sales angle, or simply a pat on the back that it’s full speed ahead. 

I would be more than honored to look at your work because I know you will value my long-term multi-faceted experience.

But please keep this in mind:   

I will be 100% honest. I would be remiss in my obligation to help you improve your copy skills to be any less candid.

You may not like what you hear.

But I promise not to drop the hammer on you. (I’m not your evil copy chief!) My ultimate goal is to guide you along the path to improving your conversions.

I will give you my comments on the COPY part of your promotion… headlines, body copy, transitions, organization, your sales close, etc. 

I will let you know how they resonate with me. If I feel they are strong, weak, or need a little oomph to move the reader to the order form.

ONE THING: I can’t guarantee that I will be a subject matter expert on what you are selling. 

But I do know how to sell. 

That’s why I can only offer you an OPINION on the COPY portion of how wells I think it reads and sells.

A very educated opinion at that, based on more than three decades of experience. 

Could I give your headline a boost? Absolutely.

Can I show you smoother transitions? For sure.

Can I point out things that you may have missed? Yep! 

Before you whip out your credit card, thare are two things you should know: 

  1. I am NOT a miracle worker, and 
  2. I am NOT going to rewrite your copy. 

(Well, maybe a little bit here and there–just enough to get you on your way.  And maybe, just maybe, if you like what I say you may want me to be your coach!)

What I will give you is some pointers on what I believe needs to be done to increase your conversions. 

So if you think I’m your guy, here’s what you will receive: 

  • A 60-minute copy critique via ZOOM.
  • We share the copy via Google Docs and we’ll walk through it together as time permits. 
  • If you have a long landing page or a VSL, you should book an hour.  
  • I don’t write anything down.  
  • I verbally give you ideas and tips to strengthen your copy.
  • You take the notes, not me, after all, it’s your copy. 

As for the cost?

It’s not cheap: $1,000 for an hour. 

If it’s a VSL or a funnel that you want me to look at, book the hour.

Even at that rate, we probably won’t finish because I will be dissecting your copy paragraph by paragraph, line by line, word by word.

Yea, that’s a lot of money on an hourly basis, if that is how you are looking at it.

But it’s a steal of a deal when you are getting the wealth of my 30+ years experience in 60 minutes.

If you do the math (and I’m not really a math guy) that comes to about $33 a year per hour or something like that. 

That’s a heck of a deal!

If you understand this value, then I would suggest you book a one hour copy critique. The cost? $1,000.

If you are wondering “What if an hour goes by and you are not finished?”

Then we won’t get through all of it.

You can trust me on this: You’ll get enough insights, in the beginning, to make the appropriate changes to the rest of the piece.

If you’re wondering, “What if it takes less than that time? Will I get a prorated refund?”  NO. I will fill your head with so many response-boosting ideas, your head will spin.

(And if you really think that I would short you on time, then you should seek guidance from someone else.)


If you want to purchase my copy critique, you may not record, share, or in any way distribute or sell my comments on your copy PERIOD.

These are my proprietary secrets that I will be sharing with you and you only. I don’t know why you would want to share them anyway, as they would give you an advantage over your competitors.

That about wraps up what you get from me if you are looking for a copy critique.

  1. A 60-minute review of your copy via zoom
  2. I explain verbally where your copy needs help.
  3. You take notes and make the changes.
  4. I don’t write or rewrite anything. (Maybe a boost here and there with maybe being the operative word.)
  5. You benefit from my 30+ years of experience writing every kind of direct-response advertisement on the planet: sales letters, direct mail packages, magalogs, landing pages, VSLs, and webinars

If you have something you would like me to look at, simply scan my QR Code below, send me your payment along with a follow up email at or

I will send you a calendar invite to schedule your session and we can go over your copy then. 

That’s it. I hope I have answered all your questions.

I look forward to reviewing your copy.

Doug D'Anna

As a seasoned direct response copywriter, Doug D'Anna has created more than 100 widely-mailed control packages for the world's largest specialized information publishers—generating over $100 million in direct sales.