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Special Invitation from Louis Navellier


Retirement Club

Plus, Receive a One-Year Subscription to my $3-to-$1 Market-Beating Advisory, Blue Chip Growth, FREE Half of Our Spots Already Filled

Fellow Investor,

When I launched Retirement Club in 2007, I had a feeling it would be pretty successful.

I just didn’t know it would be this incredibly successful—beating the market by

$3 to $1.

So it’s no wonder my Retirement Club members are smiling all the way to the bank.

If you can grab one of our open spaces, I guarantee you will be grinning from ear to ear, too, as you enjoy the same kind of market-beating returns that my Retirement Club members have enjoyed since 2007.

My special invitation today makes it easy, convenient, affordable and risk-free to see for yourself how a Retirement Club membership can hand you the kind of wealth, freedom and lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of—without your risking a dime.

Here’s a Sneak Preview of the Kinds of Profits You’ll Enjoy as a New Retirement Club Member

America Movil371.33%Vipshop Holdings90.27%
Apple252.90%O’Reilly Automotive Inc.86.47%
Baidu204.01%Limited Brands Inc.85.91%
Suncor Energy195.28%Telus82.35%
Priceline.com180.43%Alexion Pharma81.76%
AmBev161.14%Southern Copper Corp.74.32%
Apple Inc.151.86%Yahoo Inc.66.33%
Brookfield Asset Management140.57%Micron Technologies64.59%
Regeneron Pharma129.75%CME Group64.41%
Cameco118.46%Express Scripts60.78%
AMAZON.COM INC116.41%Costco Wholesale60.71%
BG Group114.25%Comcast Corp.60.14%
Novo Nordisk104.63%Transocean56.45%
Reynolds American101.83%Shire Plc54.86%

These are just a few of the investments we sold over the last few years for incredible gains.

We’re still sitting on sizable profits in Allergan Plc (+272%), Southwest Airlines (+159%), and Skyworks Solutions (112%), since their prospects continue to grow brighter every day.

Frankly, that’s what my Blue Chip Growth system does, with scientific precision: It limits your losses on the downside while building and compounding your wealth on the upside.

When you consider that those who joined us last year have already banked 10 double-digit or better winners and have 26 more in our active Buy List, you can begin to see why The Retirement Club is so popular with investors and why, once they join, they seldom let their memberships lapse.

For these reasons…

If you can put the money-making power of my Blue Chip Growth system to work for you, you’ll not only own a portfolio full of double-digit gainers that work together systematically to build your wealth…

…but you’ll also feel—perhaps for the first time in your investing life—that your investments will finally hand you the financial independence you’ve been striving for.

My 100% money-back guarantee promises just that.

Let Me Send You a Free Copy of Our Retirement Club
Profit Guide to Get You Started

Here at TheRetirement Club we have found that the secret to creating $1 million retirement wealth is twofold:

  1. Identify major market earnings trends.
  2. Buy the companies that lie at the crossroads.

This is why companies such as Canadian Natural Resources (+206.99%), Valero (+222.33%), and Imperial Oil (+166.95%) were so profitable for us in the past. They were riding the earnings trends of higher oil prices.

This is also why our current holdings, such as AmerisourceBergen Corp. (+101%), The Kroger Co. (+98%), and NXP Semiconductors (+57%), continue to pile on the profits for us.

These companies—along with the rest of our 43 additional current holdings—are simply riding their own earnings trends within their own sectors.

This year, we’re counting on four exciting new profit trends to help us continue to build our wealth by 50% to 75%.

Profit Trend No. 1:

Double Your Money in Defense Technologies

Driving this growth is the new cold war with Russia and new threats from ISIS and other adversaries whose technologies and tactics are just a few steps behind ours

and who are pulling out all the stops to catch up—either by stealing our equipment (as in Iraq) or by hacking our technology (think China, Iran, Russia, or North Korea).

Our top pick in this sector, which you’ll find in your FREE 2015 profit forecast, is already up 224% in three years as threats against America have grown, and it’s headed toward another double this year.

Profit Trend No. 2:

Secure Your Future in Sensor Technologies

You’ll be pleased to know that we also see big opportunities in sensor technologies that are the driving force behind the revolutionary “Internet of Things” (IoT) that will ultimately connect everything from everyday consumer devices to industrial and medical equipment, all directly via the Internet.

In fact, our top company has already seen its earnings skyrocket by 106%, while the stock’s price is up 258% over the past three years. With the Internet of Things expanding daily, we don’t see this stock slowing down one bit!

Profit Trend No. 3:

Grow 50% Richer in Health Care

We’re also seeing signs of explosive growth in the health care sector as millions of previously uninsured Americans gain insurance coverage under Obamacare while 10,000 Americans a day turn 65 years old and the Medicare rolls mushroom.

As you’ll see in this year’s profit guide (FREE upon joining), our two top stocks in this sector are well on their way to handing you 50% gains in the next six months.

Profit Trend No. 4:

Mint Money in Travel and Tourism

Finally, you’ll be surprised to learn that we’re right smack-dab in the midst of a worldwide travel and tourism boom. Over the past three years, our top picks here have handed investors 281% and 109% profits to date.

If you missed the big move in drug stocks in the 1980s, the tech revolution of the 1990s or the oil fracking boom of the past six years, you’ll find my top picks to be one of those rare opportunities that could hand you a decade’s worth of profits in 18 to 24 months.

Again, you’ll find the full story on each of these opportunities—along with our complete portfolio of wealth-building investments—in our just-published members-only Retirement Club Profit Guide.

Best of all, it’s yours FREE too, along with these 10 exclusive member benefits when you join us before midnight tomorrow, July 24.

The Benefits of Joining Are Priceless

You get:

FREE Member Benefit #1—Investment Expertise: The same time-proven investing expertise and strategy that have not only beaten the S&P 500 by better than $3 to $1 but also doubled our readers’ money 32 times in our individual picks…simply making many of them rich.

FREE Member Benefit #2—Our Retirement Club Profit Guide, which not only boldly predicts the course of the year ahead but also features the best stocks for the next 12 months—all high-growth companies we are targeting for 50% to 75% gains in 2015.

FREE Member Benefit #3—Monthly Advisory: A 12-month subscription to our members-only investment advisory, Blue Chip Growth—alone valued at $199, featuring my monthly market summary; current buy, hold, and sell advice; stock updates; and the most sought-after economic analysis and review.

FREE Member Benefit #4—Portfolio Grader: Unlimited 24/7 access to my multimillion-dollar Portfolio Grader stock evaluation service. Just enter the symbol and you’ll not only get my complete rankings, you’ll also find out whether I think you should buy, sell, or hold.

FREE Member Benefit #5—Admission to Our Annual Retirement Club Online Conference: Each year, I host an online conference for my members to discuss our investments and answer your questions. As a member, not only can you attend free of charge but you can also submit your questions directly to me.

FREE Member Benefit #6—Website Access: Unlimited 24/7 access to our website. Continuing updates on the recommendations you’ve read about here, plus my newest recommendations and updated sell list, so you can reposition your portfolio to take full advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead.

FREE Member Benefit #7—Flash Alerts: When stocks are on the move and/or whenever the market moves up or down by 300 points—I email you exactly what it

means for you and your holdings with specific buy, sell, and hold instructions for you to act on.

FREE Member Benefit #8—Investor Education: An ongoing financial education that will help you make better, smarter, and more profitable investment decisions. Every month, I’ll bring you the facts and in-depth analysis you need to make more profitable investment choices. And between issues, I’ll bring you up-to-the-minute news and announcements about all your investments so you can make the most profitable moves.

FREE Member Benefit #9—Weekly Retirement Guidance through our Retirement Insights e-letter, featuring a weekly helping of practical investing advice and financial guidance every Saturday to give you a hand toward retirement security and comfort. With interest rates at all-time lows and Social Security on shaky ground, that’s information you’ll want on a weekly basis.

FREE Member Benefit #10—Peace of Mind: Valuable peace of mind when it comes to the safety of your investments. That’s because we invest only in the bluest of the blue chip stocks—companies with strong earnings momentum that are expanding their earnings growth some 40% to 50%. That’s the greatest safety cushion you could ask for.


You’ll also receive something far more personal than you could ever find in an investment advisory: our organization’s commitment to helping you systematically build your million-dollar retirement dream.

That’s What Makes Retirement Club

Such an Incredible Value

…and why I launched Retirement Club in the first place:

To bring investors a whole new level of personal service that will allow me to come into your life each week to direct you to the best investing opportunities on the planet along with the crucial rebalancing adjustments that will help you systematically build your wealth in all markets at all times.

When I say new level of personal service, I mean it!

As a member of this exclusive group, not only can you chat with me during our annual online conference but you can also write me with your questions and get a

quick answer from my Retirement Club customer service staff.

That’s Why We Can Open the Doors to New Members for a Limited Time Only

I simply cannot offer the same level of service to ALL of my 300,000 readers.

That’s why we can open the doors to a small percentage of new members That’s also what makes Retirement Club such an incredibly special and exclusive

wealth-building group.

That’s because it will give me the opportunity to work directly with you to help you build your wealth in a more powerful and personal way throughout the year—not possible with a bigger group.

Once you join us, I think you’ll agree.

Those who started with me in the beginning have beaten the market by $3 to $1 in our individual recommendations.

All of them got started by simply accepting a risk-free trial membership like the one I’m offering you now.

Now it’s your turn.

And I’ve made it so easy, convenient, affordable, and risk-free for you to give

Retirement Club a try, there’s nothing to stand in the way of the wealth you deserve.

Join Risk-Free for 6 Months and Then Decide

Our membership guarantee is simple:

If during your first six months you don’t feel our recommendations are helping you grow 50% richer, we’ll gladly refund your membership dues.

No questions asked.

If you ultimately decide we’re not for you, you may keep all the members-only special reports free of charge as our “thanks” for simply accepting a trial membership.

On this fair-and-square basis, Blue Chip Growth’s Retirement Club has become one of the most respected and largest wealth-building organizations in America.

Once you join us, you’ll see why.

Here’s the best part.

Just 27 Cents a Day When You RSVP Today!

That’s no misprint, either.

When you consider that our organization is one of the few that have consistently beaten the market by $3 to $1 for eight years, you would think that it would cost an arm and a leg to join Retirement Club.

But when I tell you how little it costs to join, and that you can sign up for half that AND receive 12 months of our market-beating Blue Chip Growth advisory FREE, you’ll be truly amazed.

In fact, a one-year (12-month) membership is $199. But for a limited time, you can join us for just $99.95. You save $100.

That’s just a smidgen over 27 cents a day and a steal of a deal, considering our track record.

Your special discount membership includes your…

FREE monthly issues of Blue Chip Growth and weekly online market updates. (reg. $199)

FREE 24/7 access to my private website (which includes complete access to my stock-grading database).

FREE online copy of my Retirement Club Profit Guide, containing my five top stocks to buy now.

My FREE “Flash Alert” e-mail hotline service. MY FREE annual profit guide.

100% money-back guarantee.

Included in this bargain price, you’ll also receive up to 13 additional bonus reports that I’ve written to help you continue to take advantage of the dramatic changes now unfolding…

How to Invest $50,000 Now

The Blue Chip Growth Advantage: Create Your Own $1 Million Retirement Plan

The Top 5 Blue Chip Stocks For 2015

Fill Up on Food and Drink Stocks for Money-Doubling Profits 20 Lock and Load Stocks Ready to Skyrocket

8 Plunge Protection Steps To Thrive In Market Selloffs 257 Big-Name Blue Chips to Sell Right NOW

And remember you’re always covered by our lifetime money-back guarantee.

That’s why I anticipate filling our limited spaces in short order as our Retirement Club price offers you a much greater value than subscribing directly to my Blue Chip Growth advisory.

Join me NOW before our membership rolls close at MIDNIGHT TOMORROW.

You Won’t Get a Second Chance

Once these spaces are filled, the doors will close on my introductory offer for good. Those who miss this deadline will simply miss out.

I don’t want to see that happen to you.

My advice:

Register now and lock in your 50% discount and one year of Blue Chip Growth

FREE. Then explore the many benefits (and profits!) Retirement Club will bring you.

Take all the next 6 months to test-drive my approach and see the difference it can make in your investing results.

Check out my stock recommendations, attend my annual Retirement Club

conference, and write me with your questions—and then decide. You simply can’t lose.

So, is it a deal? I hope so.

Because after we fill our available seats, this exclusive 50% membership offer and FREE year of Blue Chip Growth will be closed for good.

Seize this opportunity to become one of my new members today. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Welcome aboard!




Seriously—at $99.95 for a year’s membership that ALSO includes a FREE 12-month

subscription to my market-beating Blue Chip Growth advisory (reg. $199), there’s no

way we can afford to keep this offer open-ended.

That’s why this offer is strictly guaranteed to just a handful of new members of our

300,000-member readership base. The doors will close tomorrow at midnight.

Once our deadline hits, this introductory offer will close.

That’s why I urge you to secure your spot now!

I guarantee it will be the most profitable investment decision you make in 2015.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

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