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How Savvy Screenwriters Get Their Scripts Read

It’s the same technique copywriters use to get emails opened and responded to.

It’s the head nod, the smile, and the rocking back and forth that signals that your reader is drawn into your idea and continues to read. 

It’s the one moment in time when a producer buys into the into storyline and into the characters. 

In other words, it’s the moment when the readers we are trying to sell say to themselves, “OK, I’ll listen” that the most successful screenwriters use to get their scripts read.

I call this incredible point in time…

The Opt-in Moment 

If you are nodding in agreement, then you in have opted in to today’s message.

If you are not nodding in agreement with me, then you have not opted in to today’s message and I have failed to connect with you.

However, my gut tells me that if you’ve opened this message and have read this far (I have a 67% open rate), and you’re still with me then you have opted in to my message today.

That’s great. Because when you can get your prospect to read this far in your sales letters or email blasts, you’re more than halfway to closing the sale.

The Real Selling Message Begins After our Prospect Has Mentally Opted In

As you know, the bulk of my business is in the lucrative field of investment newsletter publishing.

But what most people don’t understand is that I’m not selling a subscription to a publication. I’m actually selling a relationship.

After all, it is the relationship that you must sell first if you want to take your copy to the next level.

To be sure, there are many “in your face” copywriters who will always do well going straight for the throat. And yes, I have taken that approach when it was warranted.

But I would have only been half as successful–and never hit the big home runs–if I had shouted at my customers to buy. Or rushed them to the order page like a used car dealer at a weekend sale.

That’s why I spend considerable time on the lead of my promotion to make sure that I “connect” with my reader on a deeper emotional level in order for him or her to trust and believe in me (as the voice of the person I’m writing for).

Frankly, I have to.

I sell the equivalent of the Ferrari of high-performance investing advisories. To talk like a used car salesmen to my prospects would simply turn them off.

In order to get them to pay up to $5,000 for a subscription, I have to get them to believe in me before I can pitch a subscription. I have to demonstrate my knowledge of the subject without sounding pushy.

Then and only then will my prospect opt in to my sales message.

From Friends to Lovers

Getting a reader to opt in to your message is a lot like flirting. You must get the person’s attention, interest, and desire going–but if you move too fast, you will be rejected out of hand.

What you are looking for in your copy is the seamless transition to what I call “from friend to lovers.”

In a way, it’s Salesmanship and Flirting 101. Just like people buy from those they like and trust, it’s also true that a friends relationship turns romantic for the same reason.

And as you know, a long-term romantic relationship simply is something you can’t rush.

The important point is this: None of this happens unless you get the person who is reading your message to believe and trust you.

That’s why you simply can’t rush your copy. You must get on equal terms with your reader and establish a voice that builds confidence, enthusiasm, and trust or you’ll never get to the breakthroughs in copywriting you desire.

The Master Key to Success Is in Your Customer’s Head

Surprisingly, I learned this concept in college and not in any copywriting book.

Let me explain…

Every day in my speech class the teacher would continually drive home that we are communicating with people at one moment in time. It is at that moment that people bring their past experience to the present as they react to your communication.

So in order to catch people where they are coming from, and understand what they truly want inside, then you must know where they are coming from.

This, my friend, is where the foundations of the breakthroughs are built. And that’s simply where the opt-in moment begins.

You’ve got to connect not only to their past experience but also to their future homes and dreams–and in the present moment.

I can tell you firsthand from my success selling investment newsletters that this is true.

For example, when the stock market is hot, investors see other people getting rich. Intuitively, they know they can do better, all the while knowing they’ve been burned before by listening to the wrong advice.

This is their past that they bring to the table.

This is why the old “second chance” message works so brilliantly and is so believable in a fast-rising market. It lets you erase the mistakes of the past and move forward.

That message is not as believable when the market is falling, because the “second chance” doesn’t connect with the present– because the market is falling! Of course, that’s where my Phoenix Rising solution takes place. Because out of the ashes a new day always rises.

See what I mean?

It is at that point that you’ve connected with your readers and that they trust you and are now open for your message.

Please try to apply this concept when you begin your next sales promotion.

If you can, I guarantee you will not only get the head nods from your readers but also see an exponential increase in your sales.

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All good wishes,

Doug D’Anna

Doug D'Anna

As a seasoned direct response copywriter, Doug D'Anna has created more than 100 widely-mailed control packages for the world's largest specialized information publishers—generating over $100 million in direct sales.