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Everything You’ve Been Told about Writer’s Block Is a Lie

You’re stuck.  

You’ve been staring at a blank screen for hours.

You can’t figure out a way to begin, continue, or finish the job you are working on. 

So you turn to geniuses on the Internet who tell you to…  

  • “Go for a hike,”they say–like that will really help. Trust me, you’ll only find yourself five miles farther away from getting anything done. 
  • “Get help from a friend.” Seriously? Like your friends really know anything about what you are trying to do. Do they even know how to write?  
  • “Sleep on it.” Surely you must be kidding. How can I possibly sleep with this assignment staring me in the face?
  • “Don’t beat yourself up.” Yeah, right. That’s all I’ve been doing for the past three days. Like I’m just going to stop because you said so.    
  • “Write something else.” You’ve got to be nuts to suggest that! How can I do that if I can’t get this important project done?
  • “Take a shower.” Excuse me? If that worked, I’d be the cleanest copywriter on the planet. 
  • “Freewrite through it.” I don’t even know what freewriting is… 
  • “Glass-of-water technique.” Like drinking a glass of water before I go to bed is going to help me find the right words. It’s only going to make me pee twice as much. 

What a bunch of BS!

After writing advertisements for a living for the past 30 years, I can tell you these lies never worked for me. Chances are they have never worked for you either. That is why you are reading this post. 

Let me tell you the biggest lie of all:

There is no such thing as writer’s block–its a figment of your imagination!   

OK, Mr. Know-It-All, then why the hell am I stuck?

You are stuck because of one of these five blocks:  

  • Concept block
  • Idea block
  • Transitions block
  • Argument block
  • Facts block 

So it has nothing to do with writing. You’re stuck because you don’t have all the building blocks to build out your copy. 

Let’s knock out these blocks one at a time so you can be on your merry way.  


This one is simple. You don’t know where to start because you have no ideas. No wonder you are stuck. I’m not sure taking a shower, calling a friend, or taking a hike will help.  

Solution:  Research, research, research. The more you research, the more you will learn about what you are writing about, and you will find ideas in what these other people have written. 


By that I mean the whole premise of your sales letter is flawed. So it’s no wonder you are stuck. You can’t make your copy work because your concept is unworkable. So you beat yourself up looking for the right words to get out of it–but you can’t. 

Solution:  Throw everything away and start over with a concept you can prove works before you start. If you can’t think of one, steal somebody else’s. (It’s OK, I won’t tell anybody.)


You, for the life of yourself, cannot figure how to transition from one idea in your sales copy to another. 

Solution:  Create a bank of transitions to get your writing moving.  Over the years, I have identified dozens of EASY transitions that will automatically help you create an organized sales flow that keeps your reader reading and your copy selling.  They can help you link one thought to another as you walk your reader to the order form. 


If you are wondering what an argument block is, you have a bigger problem. Your argument isn’t just why someone should buy your product, but explaining why your product is better… why are you offering a discount… why the offer is limited to 10 people or just the next 30 days. 

Solution:  Create a bank of arguments that you can plug into your copy when you get stuck. This is where reading other people’s copy comes in and committing those arguments to memory.  


You are stuck because: 1) you don’t have enough facts to prove your argument or 2) you can’t find enough facts to prove your arguments. No wonder you are stuck. You are trying to create something out of nothing.   

Solution:  Start over and NEVER start writing until you have the facts to prove the premise of your sales pitch. 

If you have read this far, you may be wondering, “Doug, do you ever get stuck?”

What, are you nuts? 

Yes, of course I do!

But not for long. The reason is simple: I know where the block is–so I can address it quickly.  

It’s like when the lights go out in the kitchen. If you know which lights are out, then you can go to the breaker box and reset that breaker.  

If you don’t know which breaker to reset, then you will sit in darkness for a long time as you have to run through all the breakers. Which is why you label all the breakers and why I have labeled all the writing blocks. 

This is how I’ve been able to write twice as many million-dollar promotions in half the time as other writers–not because I didn’t get stuck but because I knew how to unstick myself and get my readers on the bullet train to the order form.  

All thanks to the Million-Dollar Copywriting Formula I created 30 years ago.

This formula has allowed me to:

  • Fuse together winning, market-proven ideas into powerful money-making email campaigns, webinars, funnels, and video sales letters.
  • Write with a style that flows effortlessly from page one to the order form, and do it over and over again.
  • Never again get stuck starting and finishing a promotion.
  • Write fearlessly and with confidence.

That’s because my formula is like a master template, one where I simply plug in my ideas, facts, transitions, and arguments and the copy practically writes itself–making it nearly impossible to get stuck. 

REASON:  Because I have all the building blocks of great copy at my fingertips: 

  • Concepts
  • Ideas
  • Transitions
  • Arguments
  • Facts 

They were all right there, like my trusty yellow Lab Chloe, whom I had sitting at my side for 15 years, whenever I needed a little love. 

Here’s the best part:

When you memorize my list of concepts, ideas, transitions, arguments, and facts–as I have–they will be emblazoned in your mind like a cowboy brands a steer. They will simply pop into your mind when you need them.

Want to know more?

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Should you come under my wing, I will show you how to…

  • Take the world’s best, winningest ideas and bring them to your current project.
  • Layer on the benefits and the specifics.
  • Make your copy irresistible by adding the often-forgotten credibility elements.
  • Transition from one idea to another in a way that makes total sense to the reader.
  • Create a compelling offer that will have your readers doing a swan dive to the order form.

In other words, I’m going to teach you the copywriting success secrets you wish someone had taught you years ago, but never did.

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All good wishes, 

Doug D’Anna, Copywriter and Creator of

The Million-Dollar Copywriting Formula 

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